Luuc Verburgh

Freelance software engineer helping startups, agencies and individuals build stuff for the web.

Amongst others I talk French, Python, JavaScript, Node and love to use frameworks as React, Vue, and Flask. I enjoy my time the most when turning ideas into Minimal Lovable Products and turning beautiful designs into interactive web apps. When Iā€™m not building Iā€™m studying Computer Science at TU Eindhoven, taking pictures or on adventure.

Below you can see some of my projects I'm really proud of.

Work with me šŸ‘ŠšŸ½


Mailroom is a webapp where users can approach 5000 journalists. Instead of going for the 1 shot, this is a shotgun approach.



For the fundraiser organised by Dia-Be-Smart, I facilitated the fundraising by creating a visual pleasing website. It was built in a scalable way, such that if there would be more demand for the product, campaigns could be easily added. [Discontinued due to complex legal rules regarding collecting money required by Dutch law]


Barbier Breda

Barbier is a barber and bar in Breda for which I developed this website. The website is running on the Wordpress CMS with a custom theme.


Lost Lines at Les Arcs

Following Full Tilt, Line and Smith Optics athlete Pierre Rougeot and his friend Herve Marzin through Les Arcs.


Afternoon laps with Andres Biersteker

Capturing french mountainbiker Andres Biersteker overtake dirt jumps in the south of France.


Preseason dome laps

Following dutch professional skier Isabelle Hanssen prepare for her competition packed winter in the US.

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